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Remote Sensing Geology

A while ago, me and my colleagues wrote a chapter in the Encyclopedia of Geology's 2nd edition on geological remote sensing.

We tried to give a brief, but concise overview on the various sensors used, the different platforms, the processing of the data and typical geological applications. We also provided a well-rounded list of papers that cover these topics in more detail for further reading.

If you're interested, take a look at the chapter and we hope you find it educational:

You can also download it directly from the link below:

Figure: Image depicting the integration of various data sets acquired with satellite, airborne and ground-base platforms

Download PDF • 2.83MB

Booysen, R., Gloaguen, R., Lorenz, S., Zimmermann, R., & Nex, P. A. M., Geological Remote Sensing, 2021. In: Alderton, David; Elias, Scott A. (eds.) Encyclopedia of Geology, 2nd edition, vol.[6], pp. 301-314. United Kingdom: Academic Press.



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