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Introducing napari-hippo

An open-source python-based GUI for hyperspectral data analysis

By Sam Thiele

Hyperspectral techniques can be very powerful, allowing rapid and non-destructive characterisation of a wide variety of materials. However the resulting data is large, high-dimensionality and often difficult to visualise. This problem compounds when working with multiple hyperspectral data cubes from, for example, different samples or a hyperspectral drillcore scanning campaign.

Existing tools for visualising and analysing hyperspectral data are either commercial and closed-source, or relatively limited in functionality - especially when working with multiple hyperspectral files simultaneously. This presents challenges when performing simple tasks that require significant user-interaction, such as coregistraion, masking or explorative data analyses.

That's why we've created napari-hippo, a plugin for the napari open-source image visualisation framework. While still under active development, we hope that hippo will grow-up to become a robust, powerful (if slightly dangerous) tool that makes hyperspectral data analysis more accessible. Please check it out!



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